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Benefits of Auction Express

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With auction express, your property will be marketed to thousands of real estate professionals and the general public for up to 180 days. It will be offered in the MLS system and syndicated to a wide range of websites. This unique hybrid process will maximize your exposure to the buying public. The process does not require a formal listing and is a great alternative to traditional auction methods.

One of the main benefits of auction express is that it’s easy to use. You can set a time that suits you best and you’ll receive your invoice the next day. Plus, there are no diary or cancellation fees. Unlike other auction services, you’ll only be charged for the auctions you hold.

When making a payment, you’ll need to provide your bidder number. You can find this number on your invoice. It will be used to track your purchases. You can pay for your purchases online or in the office Monday-Friday, 9:30AM – 12:00PM CST. You can also pay by check or money order.

Selling a used car can be a complicated process. You’ll have to know which model to sell and make sure that you’re getting the most money possible. If you’re looking to sell your used car quickly and hassle-free, consider auction express. This service will simplify the entire process. If you’re considering selling a used car or buying a used car, check with Auto Auction Express.

The auction express method also offers the added benefit of keeping closing costs to a minimum. The buyer’s premium (which is usually included in the purchase price) and all state and local transfer taxes will be paid by the buyer. The buyer will also pay for title, legal, and accounting fees. If there are any encumbrances on the property, the seller will deduct them or pay them.

A seller can also choose to sell the item with a reserve price. While bidders cannot see this price before bidding, it can attract more potential bidders. A low reserve can drive up the price. It’s important to note that a seller can choose to accept a bid that is below the reserve price.

Auctions are typically a three-day process. The winning bidder must make their payment within the specified time period. If the winning bidder does not have the funds to pay immediately, they will have three days to pick up the vehicle. The auction express service will be able to handle the transaction. You’ll need the winning bidder’s bidder number and lot number to make a purchase.

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