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BitKeep wallet cashes in on Taipei Blockchain Week

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TAIPEI (Tawan News) — More than coins and tokens can now be held in next-generation cyber wallet which accommodates NFTs across multiple blockchain platforms.

Blockcast reported Taipei Blockchain Week was a sold-out smashing success, attracting visitors from around Asia and further abroad, featuring the latest innovations in blockchain technology fueling cryptocurrency and NFT trade.

“DeFi” or de-centralized finance has been a hot buzzword of late, seemingly offering protection of assets through shared participation.

In other words, eliminating third-party entities like banks or government institutions can allow for transactions free from manipulation by a single entity. A permanent, indelible blockchain record further ensures the security of each transaction.

A lack of central regulation, however, creates the opportunity for many competing blockchain platforms, as literally thousands exist at the moment, both publicly and privately operated, creating a tangle of compatibility issues.

Singapore-based BitKeep addresses such issues, billing itself as Asia’s largest Web3 wallet supporting 80 major blockchains such as ETH, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche. This allows for seamless transactions across a large number of coins and tokens.

Taking things a step further, Bitkeep recently began supporting other transactions built upon blockchain technology, such as digitized one-of-a-kind artworks such as NFTs.

NFTs are typically sold through designated exchanges involving predetermined currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

BitKeep is the first wallet in the world that supports the purchase of NFTs with any token on the same blockchain. Another convenient function is instant access to major NFT exchanges such as OpenSea.

Unbeknownst to many, there’s an active market for NFTs as some 3 million NFTs are currently held by unique wallets, with the total number “minted” or available reaching the tens of millions.

Further exploring the principles and spirit of decentralization, DApp are decentralized applications that are useful for mining and token issuance based upon smart contracts. BitKeep’s DApp zone contains 15,000 plus DApps and supports autonomous switching of the main chain network.

Through sponsorship of Taipei Blockchain Week, BitKeep is optimistic about Taiwan’s Web3 market as plans are already underway to build a more complete blockchain network.

As cryptocurrency and NFTs become more commonplace, wallet services will become a must not just for tech-savvy individuals but for everyone.

BitKeep puts security at the top of product development. It customizes a set of algorithms-DESM and private key encryption and storage to ensure asset security.

At present, BitKeep serves 8 million users from 168 countries and has achieved remarkable results in the Asian market.

BitKeep said that the future development of Web3 in the Asian market still has great potential. Deepening the Asian market is an important part of its globalization path.

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