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Black Art Auction

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The Black Art Auction is a fundraiser for the African American Museum of Art. Its goal is to promote African American art and raise awareness among collectors. The event is an online auction that will feature work by seventeen Black artists from around the world. Artists included in the auction include Hebru Brantley, Nelson Makamo, Khari Turner, and Joshua Michael Adokuru. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the BLACK ARTIST COLLECTIVE.

The auction houses featured at the Black Art Auction are the only ones devoted to selling African American art. They have two locations – the Indianapolis headquarters and the St. Louis, Missouri private sales division. The founder of the auction houses, Thom Pegg, has been involved in the sale of African American art for more than 25 years. Before founding the Black Art Auction, he ran a gallery in St. Louis called Tyler Fine Art. Pegg has been involved in the auction business since 1995, and he has been involved in African American art sales for over 25 years.

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