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Fellows Auction – A Great Place to Buy Vintage Watches

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If you’re a collector of vintage watches, you’ll want to consider bidding at Fellows Auction. The Birmingham-based auction house offers regular valuation days, and it also travels to the homes of clients. In addition to auction days, Fellows also offers house clearances and probate valuations.

Fellows Auctioneers has been around since 1876, making it one of the UK’s oldest auction houses. It’s also one of the most respected valuers in the industry. It holds more than 100 sales each year, with over half of its sales being jewellery. The auction house has flourished in recent years due to its focus on niche markets.

The auction house has a reputation for showcasing amazing jewelry and watches. Their collections span centuries and time periods. From Victorian mourning jewelry to the geometric shapes of Art Deco pieces, there’s a lot to choose from. The company’s latest auction will start on May 15th, but you can find out more about their collections online and in their showroom in England. If you’re interested in buying vintage watches, you should definitely consider bidding at Fellows Auction.

While the watch auction is not as big as the other auctions, you can still expect to find an elegant timepiece. Whether you’re interested in a vintage Rolex or an Omega Speedmaster chronograph, Fellows Auction is sure to have a watch to meet your needs.

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