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Financial Institutions Group at Skadden LLP

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The Financial Institutions Group at Skadden LLP provides a broad array of legal services to financial institutions and investors. Our attorneys help clients with regulatory issues, advise on new products and services, structure and arrange institutional investment transactions, and represent them in litigation. Many of our attorneys are recognized leaders in the financial services industry.

Financial Institutions Group companies make their money by borrowing and lending money. They move money between different financial institutions, generating significant interest income and expenses. These companies also don’t have many entries for cost of goods sold or depreciation, as their capital comes from individual clients. This creates a unique set of challenges for recruiters who are looking for a broad range of experience.

Financial institutions groups also provide advisory services to other financial institutions. Some examples include Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo. They help clients with debt restructuring and raising capital. They also help companies obtain loans at lower interest rates and sell them at higher interest rates. They usually hire financial analysts with a background in economics and finance. Many investment banks offer training programs for financial analysts.

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