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How to Buy a Car at an Auto Auction

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There are many things to consider before buying a vehicle at an auto auction. First, determine your budget and bid range. Next, check with Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book to determine the estimated value of a vehicle. You may want to consider financing options if you can’t afford to purchase the vehicle outright.

Vehicle auctions can be conducted in person or online. These auctions are usually advertised in advance. To attend an auction, you may have to register and pay an entry fee. You may also have to bring a credit card if you want to place a bid. You may also have to raise your hand or use a bidder number to bid. You can also use an online portal to act as a proxy bidder.

Government vehicle auctions are another common way to buy a vehicle. These auctions typically sell repossessed police cruisers, county vehicles, and utility trucks. Many impound cars are also sold during these auctions. These vehicles were seized due to traffic violations or crime. However, you should be aware that competition at these auctions is fierce. If you bid too low, you may end up paying more than the market value.

Some auto auctions are open to the public, and you can often find a good deal if you know where to look. Some auctions only accept bids from licensed car dealers.

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