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How to Win an Auction 2 QB League

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To win an auction 2 QB league, you will need to know what to look for when selecting a QB. You can choose from any one of the top 12 QB1 options, or select one or more from the top 10. In addition, you will need to decide on how much you are willing to spend on a QB, depending on your team’s budget.

The best way to avoid overpaying for a QB is to find value throughout the auction. A low-priced quarterback can make building a winning team easier. Throughout the auction, look for bargains, and don’t be afraid to pounce when you see them.

Another thing to look for is depth at the position. Generally, QBs score the most in auctions, but if your team only has one starter, you will want to avoid top-tier QBs. However, you can still get value from middle-tier quarterbacks. RBs, meanwhile, cost the most and are often injured. On the other hand, wide receivers are one of the deepest positions, with three starters.

A common auction strategy is to go wide. This involves treating the auction as if it were a draft. In this way, you can pick a great player, followed by several really good players. In some cases, you may have to settle for a few depth players, but you’ll be getting a solid player who has some upside.

Don’t forget that every dollar counts in an auction. Keep an open mind and don’t panic when you see a high-priced player that you don’t want. Another important strategy is to be patient and wait until the auction is finished. This will ensure that you don’t lose your team in the middle of the auction.

As for the quarterback position, there are still a few options to keep in mind. You can take a chance on Josh Allen in the first round of a two-quarterback auction. There are several other good QBs that you can pick. Some of these include Justin Herbert, Patrick Mahomes, and Kyler Murray.

Another option is Barkley. Barkley is a slightly cheaper version of McCaffrey, with similar upside. While his injury history is questionable, he’s likely to finish as an RB1 in 2022. Barkley is also a clearance option, and is a very good option if you want to avoid the high-priced McCaffrey. Barkley was recently valued at just over $50.

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