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Intraday Stocks For Today

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Intraday stocks are stocks that are traded for a single day. They are selected based on recent news, day trading activity, and historical price charts. Experts use smart technical analysis to select these stocks. Intraday stocks for today are updated with latest stock news and expert opinion. They can help you avoid losing money in volatile stocks.

Today’s intraday stocks are likely to see further upside from their current levels. The Nifty is likely to show strength near the 5,150 level. This could lead to a move towards the 5,225/5,300 levels. It is also likely to test the 5,070 level. Some of the top picks for today are Reliance Industries Ltd., Oil India, Suzlon, Tata Chemicals, and GVK Power & Infra.

The best intraday stocks for today are those that are widely held. You can find these stocks on exchange websites by examining their ownership and trading pattern. Widely held stocks are more liquid, and their volatility tends to be lower than stocks that are less liquid or narrowly held. Further, they are less likely to hit circuit filters or be cornered by market operators. For this reason, we recommend you stick to widely held stocks.

Another way to select good intraday stocks is to follow general market movement. Look for stocks that have the most interest and have high trading volume. These stocks will likely show potential growth during a rise or decline.

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