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Qatar to Host 2022 World Cup

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Despite the fact that Qatar’s bid for the 2022 World Cup was the subject of controversy for years, the country has finally been awarded the tournament. It will be the first ever football event in the Arab world, and the first to be held in a country that is majority Muslim.

The World Cup will take place in eight stadiums in Doha. It will feature 32 of the world’s top national teams in 64 matches.

In the lead-up to the World Cup, the Gulf region has a huge appetite for football. The majority of the population are migrant workers, who often work in dangerous conditions. Some of the workers have died in company buses and road traffic accidents.

A number of rights groups have expressed their concerns about the treatment of World Cup workers. According to a Guardian report, there may have been as many as 6,500 related worker deaths since Qatar was awarded the World Cup.

There is also a large problem with the treatment of women in Qatar. It is illegal to have same-sex relationships in the country. The treatment of LGBTIQ+ people has also been raised.

In addition to the controversial treatment of women, the migrant workers are also not paid fairly. They are often exploited and forced to work in dangerous conditions.

FIFA has launched a new service to crack down on hate speech and discrimination. It will also make use of its wealth to build needed facilities in the country.

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