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Qatar’s Denial to Host the 2022 World Cup

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Having qualified for the tournament, Qatar was in the spotlight for a number of reasons. The country had won the right to host the World Cup on the fourth ballot, and had been chosen to stage the tournament in 2022. The host nation, however, made an uncharacteristic U-turn on its hosting plans. The latest move will disappoint fans and complicate FIFA’s $75 million sponsorship deal with Budweiser.

The 2022 World Cup will be held in the Middle East, with a host of unique challenges for organizers. The host nation will have to prepare for the tournament while coping with the region’s extreme weather conditions. It will also have to ensure that its hotels and stadiums are comfortable. The country’s roads are notoriously unreliable, and its transport routes will be a busy part of the tournament.

In order to attend the World Cup, visitors will need to make sure they have the correct travel documents. As an example, a visitor to Qatar may need a Hayya Card to get in and out of the country, which is valid for stays of 24 hours or less. International visitors who stay more than 24 hours must also register their travel details with the Qatari government. This can be done online. If you do not register, you may be prosecuted for violating the laws.

Qatar has struggled with the alcohol issue since winning the right to host the World Cup. The ban on drinking alcohol in public is enforced, and alcohol is only sold in licensed bars and restaurants. However, visitors may find alcohol available in some upscale hotels.

It is also illegal to import alcohol into Qatar. Only residents with permits can buy alcohol. Qatar has banned beer from being sold near stadiums, which is a major issue for fans. Unlike in other countries, alcohol is only available at licensed bars and restaurants. It is also unusually expensive.

Several teams will be absent from the tournament, including France, which will have to without its best players, including star forward Paul Pogba. England’s captain Harry Kane will wear a “One Love” armband to protest against Qatar’s anti-homosexuality laws. And Senegal’s Sadio Mane, the country’s all-time leading scorer, will be missing with a leg injury.

The Qatari government has defended its nation with increasing strength. It has pledged to reduce emissions and invest in projects to capture greenhouse gases. It has also said that it does not discriminate against anyone, including the LGBTQ community. However, its record with foreign workers has been appalling. Several foreign workers have been killed in Qatar.

There are other major concerns, too. The country has been criticized for its slew of laws governing private life, including homosexuality. It has also been accused of “greenwashing,” which means overstating the country’s green initiatives.

The host nation also faces an interesting challenge: none of the 21 previous World Cups have been held in an Islamic country. FIFA has made clear that football should not be used as a tool in ideological battles.

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