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Share Tips – Where to Find Them

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One of the most difficult parts of the stock market is deciding which companies to invest in. Luckily, there are many resources to help investors with their decision. Many websites offer tips on companies to watch. However, analyzing data about companies can be complicated. It’s better to choose a strategy that works for you rather than trying to apply a single strategy to all companies.

Many people use the financial pages to get their share tips. Financial publications have relationships with experienced analysts. For example, the Sunday Times’ Lucy Tobin, a vastly experienced personal finance writer, often contributes articles on stocks. Another great source of share tips is the Investor’s Chronicle, which focuses on the world of investing. There are also a number of platform websites and brokers that publish their own share tips.

Some employers choose not to require employees to share their tips with managers, supervisors, or owners. These practices are illegal, and employees who were forced to pay into an illegal tip pool may be owed a substantial amount of money. Fortunately, there are several other methods to help restaurants avoid the pitfalls of tip sharing.

Many employees in service industries are paid through tips from customers. For some, tips can even be more than their hourly wage. Knowing your rights as an employee is vital for ensuring you receive all your tips.

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