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What Does an Auction Specialist Do?

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Auction specialists write descriptions of auctions, write listings and provide customer service. They must be detail-oriented and patient to guide sellers through the auction process. They must be well-versed in technology and must be good at catching errors. They should also have a great deal of experience working with editors and be comfortable with G Suite and WordPress. In addition, they must have knowledge of classic cars and have excellent writing skills.

There are six states that pay more than the national average for Auction Specialist jobs. The highest paying state is Nevada, with Massachusetts and Alaska ranking second and third. These three states pay 14.1% more than the national average, or $4494 more. However, when comparing salaries and job outlook, it is important to consider the cost of living in each location.

Art auction specialists work for art auction houses and help clients prepare collections for auction. They evaluate works of art, set reserves for pieces, market the collection and keep contact with clients. Art auction specialists need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in art. They must also be willing to work long hours and follow auction schedules.

Benefit auctions require specific expertise and experience. Using an auction specialist will help your organization simplify its priorities and save you countless hours. Benefit auction specialists will also help you improve the fundraising efforts of your non-profit organization. A benefit auction specialist can also act as a catalyst to change the culture of your organization and help you maximize your potential.

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