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Wisconsin Financial Institutions

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The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions is a state agency responsible for regulating and educating consumers about financial issues. This department helps residents and businesses avoid financial problems and ensures that financial institutions meet federal, state, and local requirements. In addition, the department provides financial education and provides access to consumer reports and other financial information.

The DFI oversees state-chartered banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, and other financial institutions. The department also examines business documents, registers financial service providers, and administers the Wisconsin Consumer Act. The department is self-supporting through fees. There are a variety of other divisions within the department that perform various functions.

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions is an important part of the state’s financial future. It protects financial institutions from fraud, promotes the investing public’s security, and enhances financial capability across the state. Employees at Wisconsin financial institutions can learn about their employers’ diversity by searching Zippia’s Best Places to Work lists. Zippia’s lists are based on data from the BLS, company filings, employee surveys, and other public and private sources.

The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions publishes a directory with information on financial services in Wisconsin. This directory has detailed information on all branches and depository institutions in the state. It includes nearly 300 pages of directory listings and is a great tool for bank employees. It also includes important contact information for the bank’s management.

The Wisconsin State Works Investment Bank (SWIB) has been a big help for many Wisconsin businesses. Its investments in Wisconsin companies total nearly $25 billion. It also plans to make investments in new companies in fiscal 2020. In addition, SWIB has purchased more than $787 million in CDs issued by Wisconsin financial institutions.

Wisconsin’s financial institutions play an important role in maintaining lawyer trust accounts and helping lawyers comply with federal and state requirements for overdraft notification and IOLTA. The information provided here can help financial institutions better understand the needs of lawyers. The Agreement for Lawyer Trust Accounts is also available on this website. You must complete it to be able to access a legal trust account.

The Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) supports the proposed rule for disclosure requirements in financial institutions. It welcomes the opportunity to comment on the proposed rule. The WBA also believes that the SEC should reflect the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which was passed in 2002. Further, the SEC should make the internal control provisions conform to parallel banking laws.

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